Wonder4skin is an Autocert certified cosmetic line characterized by its all natural formulations, with contents consisting of up to 99,9 % biological ingredients (of the total vegetal ingredients).

Wonder4skin is a line consisting of five products: three face products and two body products

  • WonderButter, Regenerating Face Butter
  • WonderMask, Illuminating Face Mask
  • WonderBalm Regenerating Lip Balm
  • WonderOil, Two-Phase Nourishing Oil
  • WonderBath, Balancing Bath and Shower Gel

Natural and Organic

Wonder4skin provides you with the perfect combination of the founding principles of Alma Briosa’s Mission: toretrieve ancient and forgotten herbal traditions with the will to create effective and completely natural and organic cosmetics through the process of modern reinterpretation of natural ancestral heritages.

The line is born with the desire to surpass high quality standards of all Alma Briosa products. In fact, in addition to having been made of from 95% to 99,9% withorganic contents, Wonder4skin is made from a formulation studied to be as natural as possible.

From the wholeness of the Vine’s produce

The golden thread linking Wonder4skin line to the Vine plant, whose most noble parts have been employed: leaves, fruit, and seeds have been integrated to a product in the form of different and unique extracts ranging from Grapeseed Oil fully made with grape seeds, Red Vine Leaf Extract made from vine leaves, andDry Fruit Extract made from grapes. In a single product, we find the excellent nutrient power of Grapeseed Oil, the renown antioxidant qualities of grape extracts, their unparalelled regenerating properties, and the tonifying and strengthening powers of red vine leaves.

Exotic Active Vegetal Principles

In addition, every single product has been individually enriched with precious oils and fully organic vegetal butters originated in various herbal cultures and traditions from diverse parts of the world. For example, Sacha Inchi oil, which helps reinforce and regenerate skin tissues through its nourishing and softening properties, or Mango Butter, with its nutrient and hydrating properties, and Tamanu oil, used for its curative virtues, well known for its cutaneous regenerating and repairing properties.

Wonder4skin’s Active Principles will regenerate our skin and mind as they transport us to wonderful, enchanted places and fascinating cultures that will become a part of our every day lives.


Wonder4skin: for a wonderful skin made with what our skin wonders for


The Products

WonderButter – Regenerating Face Butter

WonderBath - Balancing Bath Foam

WonderMask - Enlightening Face Mask

WonderBalm - Regenerating Lip Balm

WonderOil - Biphasic Nourishing Oil