4 Berries – Essential

” The 4 Berries Essential Line is born from the beauty and wellness gifts offered by four typical berries of different indigenous traditions: Goji, Maqui, Acai e Aronia.”

The Goji berry:

A cool well beside the mon’s house
A clear spring feeds the well and the water has great powers
Emerald green leaves grow on the wall
The deep red berries shine like copper
The flourishing branch like a walking stick
The old root in a dog’s shape signals good fortune
The goji nourishes body and spirit
Drink of the well and enjoy long life

This is how the Chinese poet Liu Yuxi described the incredible, and almost magical properties of Goji berries in his poem “The goji Well”.

The legendary fame of Goji berries was born from this poem. Their content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals (polyphenols, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidines…) make these “red diamonds” renown across the world as “youth berries” and “longevity fruits”.

The Maqui berry

Back in the distant XVI century, the Mapuches, an indigenous population of South America, descending from Araucanians in south central Chile, discovered the properties of Maqui berries using them in both their diet and healing rituals. It was through the use of Maqui as a dietary supplement, that Mapuches was gifted with vitality, athleticism and a mighty physical structure. European conquistadores, whose diet was really poor in vitamins and antioxidants, improved their health adding these berries to their diet during their stay.

Even Alexander Selkirk (who was the inspiration for Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe) was able to survive for 4 years, alone, on the Juan Fernandez island, thanks to the incredible nourishing properties of Maqui Berries.

The Açai berry

In the uncontaminated rainforests of Amazonia, next to the Amazon River, Acai Palms grow. Their berries are called “çai-çaì” by the Indios: “the crying fruit”. The picturesque and peculiar poise of these fruits on branches, and raindrops, falling from the fruits during heavy rains has awarded these berries with the name.

These Berries are also known, as “fruits of life”, to indigenous population. This is because of their nourishing properties and their high antioxidant power.

The Aronia berry

Potawatomi American Indians called Aronia berries “sakwako’mînûn” o “sakwako’mînawûnj” and used the juices for preparing a natural remedy for colds.

Barks and fruits were also used for their astringent power. Today, thanks to numerous scientific studies carried out on these berries, we know of their richness in Anthocyanins, polyphenols and other precious antioxidants.


Starting from the incredible properties of these 4 Berries, discovered in uncontaminated places on Earth, we envisaged two new lines of cosmetics: the 4Berries Face Line and the 4Berries Essentials Line.


The 4Berries Essentials line is studied for younger skins:

  • 24/7 Moisturizing Face Cream: this is a lighter cream, designed for younger people with younger skins. It contains 4 berries extracts, Sweet almond oil, witch hazel extract, and sweet orange essential oil.
  • Antioxidant Cleansing gel: this is a detergent gel composed of 4 berries, Argan oil, bergamot essential oil and witch hazel extract. Provides a deep cleansing and sebum-balancing effect.
  • Antioxidant hand cream: it contains 4 berries, sweet almond oil, honey, and bergamot essential oil. It is easily absorbed and leaves no oiliness.

The Products

24/7 Moisturizing Cream

Antioxidant Cleansing Gel

Antioxidant Hand Cream