Ambermetic Mamy

“Divine sun rays fall upon the earth’s surface becoming fine Amber”


As the myth recalls, Phaeton, a young Greek God of the Olympus, son of Zeus the Sun God and Clymene, managed to convince his father to let him guide his solar chariot for one day.

The unexperienced Phaeton was not able to hold his father’s horses, and lost the chariot’s hold, and subsequently, its course. The chariot started to burn forests, withering rivers and lakes till they dried.

To avoid the earth’s destruction, Zeus threw lightning against his own chariot and destroyed it, killing Phaeton.

Phaeton’s sisters, the Heliades rushed to the Eridanus’s banks where the chariot had fallen and cried with agony. Zeus, filled with pity turned them into poplars so they could remain in wake of their beloved brother’s tomb, as their tears became the source of purest amber.

“Where sorrowing they weep into the stream forever. And each tear as it falls shines in the water, a glistening drop of amber.”

Numerous and different legends narrate the birth of this precious resin that holds in its qualities warmth, color, and the energy of the sun.

In the course of millenniums Amber has been used for a variety of purposes. From the creation of jewelry to therapeutic, cosmetic, and alchemic uses; this resin holds unquantified healing properties embraced by the product’s formulation. The idea Amber is a ‘gift of the Gods’ has always asserted the conviction this resin possessed healing properties.

Alma Briosa has collected these ancient orders of knowledge and mythological traditions applying them to use of Amber, in an act which has created an innovative line of cosmetics worthy of the most delicate and sensitive skins.

The Ambermetic line is composed of 4 Baby products (a series of detergents made to hydrate sensitive skins), and 2 Mommy products, made to harden, hydrate, and favor the elasticity of all skin types, and which is to be used during and after pregnancy to guarantee skin tone and avoid unpleasant stretch marks.

Alma Briosa has created this line to offer its consumers high quality natural and biological cosmetics that may be distinguished through their innovative formula containing real Amber fossil dust.

The basis of numerous scientific research has proved the content of succinic acid in Amber based preparations provide skin tone, stress-relief, reinvigorating, anti-ageing, immunostimulatory effects, as they protect the human organism from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Amber works in synergy with vegetal principles contained in various Ambermetic products, amplifying each product’s effectiveness.

In addition to the prime ingredients, we find emollient and soothing Mallow and Aloe, anti-flush Marigold, Shea Butter, and fine vegetal oils like Argan, Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower and Wheat Germ oils, with nutrients and hydrating action.

– Crema Rassoda Mamy: Firming cream with Amber Powder, Argan, Grapeseed and Jojoba oil, Aloe gel and Marigold flowers

– Olio Massaggia Mamy: Firming oil with Amber powder, Aloe, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Sunflower and Wheat Germ oils

The Products

Crema Rassoda Mamy

Olio Massaggia Mamy