Everything from a beehive’s produce represents the immeasurable richness of one of nature’s most important gifts to humanity. For Millennia, man has been able sew these gifts to their best use developing a deep and intimate relationship with the world of bees.

According to Ancient Legends, Aristaeus, son of the Greek God Apollo and the nymph Cyrene, is the father of apiculture. The myth recalls how muses taught Aristaeus all the tricks of the art of apiculture and of how Aristaeus subsequently devolved the knowledge to mortals. Alma Briosa provides each of the line’s products the preciousness of the hive’s tribute with it’s Phytobeehive line whose uniqueness consists in the richness of qualitative ingredients: honey, bee propolis, wax, bee venom, and royal jelly.

The ingredients of the Beehive, a gift and a blessing.

In Greek mythology, it is recalled that at birth, Zeus, was hidden by his mother in a cave to be nourished with honey as he lay in the protection of bees.

It is believed that Zeus’s gratitude gifted each bee with a venom instilled stinger. Unfortunately, the bees mishandled their gift, so Zeus determined each bee would die after stinging.

Alma Briosa uses harmless and non-invasive methods to obtain bee venom without causing the bees death nor pain, and this method finds its ultimate usefulness in the preparation of Bee Venom Ointments which are a true remedy for the healing and treatment of articular inflammation.

Bee Propolis, also known as ‘bee glue’ has been used as a natural antibacterial for centuries, as bees use it to prevent microbes and bacterial infections of their newborn as well as all the honey produced in the beehive.

The bees build their honeycomb with a wax the worker bees produce with glands on their inferior abdomen. Throughout the centuries bees wax has been used as a poultice serving innumerable purposes, focusing from skin care to scented healing candles. Alma Briosa embraces these ancient herbal traditions, and uses selected quality bee’s wax in its ointments made with propolis and bee venom.

Honey and royal jelly are renown ingredients for the preparation of healing remedies of the past.

Royal jelly is the substance that makes the difference between a common bee and a beehive’s queen. Only a bee that has been transformed by royal jelly will be conferred the ability to lay eggs and guarantee life to a colony.

Recent scientific research testifies royal jelly has true positive effects on skin as it carries out its rejuvenating and regenerative action to the skin.

Royal jelly improves the general state of skin and hair and develops an oxygenizing action to cutaneous microcirculation and hair and scalp. Alma Briosa’s choice to include this Royal ingredient into frequent use shampoo and nutritive conditioner follows a passion for cosmetic traditions originating from honey.

The Products

Bee Venom - ointment

Nourishing Conditioner

Balsamic Propolis - ointment

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