Suprême: the most recent amongst the lines created by Alma Briosa. This cream is the culmination of centuries of knowledge and represents the maximum evolution of renown active principles of antiquity united with highly qualitative natural ingredients.

Alma Briosa has collected traditions of ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylon, Korea, and China, to integrate them with the most recent cosmetic formulation research. Through the mixture of ancient knowledge and modern research, Alma Briosa has given birth to a supreme anti-wrinkle beauty treatment.

The line contains natural ingredients made with supreme excellence of those vegetal ingredients whose properties provide regenerative and anti-wrinkle action.

Bee Venom:

Bee Venom, also known as Apitoxin, is the poison of Apis Mellifera, and is composed of a variety of active principles: mellitin, Phospholipase A2, and Hyaluronidase. Bee Venom has been used since antiquity for its anti-inflammatory properties and its healing qualities against articular pain. In Korea, historical accounts witnessing bee stings were used to treat pain as well as rheumatoid arthritis can be found in “Mawangdui Medical Texts” (hereby cited as the first medical citation regarding acupuncture and moxibustion). Hyppocrates, the father of western medicine, suggested the remedies of bee venom to treat articular and arthritic pain in the 5th Century B.C. He described bee venom as a mysterious substance of arcane nature, whose healing properties were certain, though unexplained. More recently, bee venom has been used for its regenerating cutaneous properties, and for the treatment of the epidermis (even in cases of psoriasis and dermatitis), with a replumping and anti-wrinkle effect.

Snail Gel:

Contains Allantoin, Collagen, and Glycolic Acid. The use of snail gel, or snail secretion, descends from a tradition who dates Greek antiquity. Hippocrates was known to prescribe the use of a pulp made with snails and sour milk to reduce and diminish skin inflammation and rashes. More recently, the tradition came back into being by hand of Chilean farmers who noticed an increasingly soft and smoothening effect on their hands the more they handled the snails destined to the French market.

The tradition of using snail gel secretion to create cosmetics meant for skin replumping and anti-wrinkle, and which can also be used to heal rashes, scars, and acne, returns by hand of Alma Briosa with a very elegant formulation.


The Products

Supreme Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream

Supreme Anti-Age Face, Eye and Lip Serum

Supreme Eye Contour Treatment For Under Eye Hollows And Sunken Shadows