Phyto Shampoo is the extension of Alma Briosa’s PhytoOintments line, studied to offer the same benefits in the everyday care of all types of hair.

All Phyto Shampoos and Phyto Ointments are characterized by the high concentration of active healing and vegetable principles.
Every Alma Briosa product contains healing vegetal ingredients obtained through the study of herboristic traditions and cultures of the world.

In addition every Phyto Shampoo and Phyto Ointment products contain a specific formula of Bach flowers. Bach flowers serve to alleviate a variety of emotional and psychosomatic uneasiness according to specific situations.

The associations of vegetal active principles and Bach Flowers allows Phyto Ointments and Phyto shampoos greater effectiveness as they resolve both physical and emotional imbalance.

The Products

Mastice di Chio

Shampoo Forfora Secca


Shampoo Anticaduta

T3 - Tea Tree

Shampoo Forfora Grassa